Lou Linden

Writer/Producer/Program Developer

Lou is a graduate of Shimer College and the University of Texas. He is a historian, preservationist, crimimal defense lawyer, sea captain, and raconteur. With a life long penchant for history, Lou starting melding his passion with video in the 1980s when he assisted in the making of "Passage to Galveston, the Story of Elissa," 1 x 60 for KUHT about the restoration of the 1877 barque. The United States Park Service made him a Colonel of the Garrison of Fort McHenry (its highest award for historic preservation) for saving and restoring the USS Constellation, the last surviving Civil War naval vessel. He serves as a historical and restoration consultant for buildings, vessels and museums. He has worked on several projects for Smithsonian.

In Summer 2012 he single handed his 35 foot sloop BARRY DUCKWORTH accross the Atlantic. He's returned to the US in late June 2014.