Iron Hummingbird

In a way Yellow Cat was founded in a blacksmith shop in Oxford, Miss 40 years ago. HOMEPLACE, our first doc, was centered on Mr. Hall's forge. Smithing has been a part of our corporate gestalt ever since. This spring we’ll be working on a documentary in Mississippi that will include blacksmithing. So it was time to pick up a hammer again.


Election night was spent overlooking the White House doing live feeds with foreign networks. It was an exciting place to be and not terribly cold.


While working on "Reclaiming The Edge", for Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum Albert and I got caught by the Anacostia. We've gone out with boats and cameras, bikes and cameras, boots and cameras.

Well Albert did some scouting and we wound up at dawn on the river. An amazing part is that this is inside the city, traffic and people a few 100 yards away.


Below The Surface (BTS) celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act with a paddle down the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. They have also launched their interactive Riverview Project, the core program of BTS in the coming years. This initiative is a effort to help protect America’s rivers through a permanent photographic record of the current conditions of America’s waterways. The main focus of the Riverview Project is to provide panoramic photos and videos of America’s most imperiled rivers. It is, essentially, Google’s Streetview for the nation’s waterways.


How to deal with large files after a shoot has been an awkward dance. Most producers wind up at airport security with a hard drive, hoping for the best.
Mechanical hard drives are bulky, costly, and fragile. They must be constantly safeguarded. Some production companies won’t lend drives while others have a limited number of loaners. Getting them back in a timely fashion is an issue for everyone. They break.


Very, very hot today. Saturday we're shooting the Chuck Brown Tribute at the Folk Life Festival for Smithsonian. It's supposed to be 106F/41C. Only mad dogs and video crews go out..........


Ann Tihansky from Coastal America interviews Dr. Sylvia Earle at a reception at National Geographic for World Oceans Day. Albert was DP. Amy Flannery did audio.


For those in the DC area the Anacostia Watershed Society holds a community paddling day on every other Wednesday. It's from 5-7PM at the Anacostia Community Boathouse in Southeast. They bring down a bunch of canoes and kayaks. First come, first serve. There's also free hamburgers and hots dogs. It's a good way to get to know the "other" river here in the Nation's Capitol. Visit the Society's web site.

PIX 240 ProRes 4:2:2HQ  recorder

Yellow Cat has acquired a new resource. Our Sound Devices PIX 240 video recorder adds Quicktime recording using Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD to our HDMI and HD-SDI equipped cameras on 2.5-inch solid-state hard drives with up to 10 bit, 4:2:2 sampling.