Senegambia Selects 2015


In June I had a still assignment from DOM Publishing of Berlin. DOM is publishing a four-volume survey of the architecture of Sub-Saharan Africa. I was fortunate to get to shoot the chapters on Senegal and The Gambia. While taking over 2700 images I managed to shoot some for myself. I’ve been working in Senegambia for over the course 16 years, mostly shooting video. This trip I had the joy of working with stills almost exclusively.

Here are my favorites from this trip. Starting in Dakar, overland to The Gambia. Dakar, Thiés, Djilor, Janjanbureh, Banjul, and back to Gorée.

The Kora track is "Masane Ceesay", the Mandinka wedding song. Performed by Jeli Kuyateh. Recorded at Makasutu, The Gambia by Lou Linden in 2007 .