Newhouse students in DC


Grad students from Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University are finding out what the DC news scene is all about this summer.  They are learning how to navigate the metro tunnels and halls of Capitol Hill.  The Capstone program gives grad students an opportunity to cover Washington stories for stations across the nation while receiving intensive support from seasoned journalists in DC.  Starting on July 1, the 6-week program will go through the middle of August.   Students hit the road running on July 4th, covering bands participating in the National Parade.  They wrote, shot and edited packages that went out to 12 stations as far away as Texas, Arkansas and Illinois. 

Following the holiday is was business as usual: hearings on immigration, student loans and small business development; a conference on juvenille diabetes; and Senate softball games.  With a lot of topics heating up the Washington atmosphere, they should have no lack of experience (or sweat!) by the end of the term. For the second year, Katie has been working with them to assure their edited packages are ready for prime time.  It's rewarding to be able to help the future generation of reporters--espcially those from her own alma mater.