A Different Solution for Media Files


How to deal with large files after a shoot has been an awkward dance. Most producers wind up at airport security with a hard drive, hoping for the best.
Mechanical hard drives are bulky, costly, and fragile. They must be constantly safeguarded. Some production companies won’t lend drives while others have a limited number of loaners. Getting them back in a timely fashion is an issue for everyone. They break.

So we’re rethinking our approach. We have stocked solid state 16gb and 32gb thumb drives for purchase by our clients. The drive sizes mirror two of the most popular capacities of camera cards. They can go in your pocket. No moving parts. They are sturdy, portable, and very reusable.

We won’t be able to loan these out but at $25 for 16gb and $50 for 32gb they make a good investment.