Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

 The Center for the Study of Southern Culture.
Gammill Gallery

A new exhibit by Michael Ford just went up in the Gammill Gallery. The exhibit is in conjunction with the Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference in late July, presented by The University of Mississippi/English Department.

From Ford's artist statement:
"I was either lucky or blessed to be in North Mississippi at a time of profound change. The agrarian world of Faulkner was disappearing, but it could still be found in special places. The subjects of these photographs were strong, enduring people.

These photographs were made as a study of the land and the people during preproduction for a documentary film. Photography turned into a bridge of trust, allowing me to capture the day-to-day life within a disappearing culture. The film, also titled Homplace, was released in 1975."

A new documentary American Homeplace is currently in production.