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Semana Santa 640


Semana Santa in Seville documents the Spanish city's annual celebration of Holy Week—a tradition which dates back more than five centuries. Lifesize images of Christ and the Virgin and scenes of the passion are carried in procession through the city on magnificently adorned platforms, escorted by long files of hooded penitents. This 52-minute program covers the history and art of the Semana Santa in Seville.

This program covers the history and art of the Semana Santa processions.  Interviews the people surrounding this exotic ritual—a priest, a penitent, a gypsy, a young girl donning her mantilla, a man who helps carry the heavy platforms, a sculptor, a saetero  or saeta singer, and more, are juxtaposed with stunning images of the baroque processions.

Available in English and in Spanish


"An enlightening and visually satisfying exploration ...of interest on several levels: as art and cultural history, folklore, religion, and travel. Recommended for most collections." Video Librarian
"...beautifully filmed, magnificently researched, and superbly narrated ...It should definetly be an integral component in courses on Spanish culture and civilization." E. Michael Gerli, Professor of Spanish, Georgetown University
"An accurate representation of an ancient tradition. Full of power and beauty." Rafael Mazarrasa,President, Spain '92 Foundation